The UMIDIGI Flagship Sport Smartwatch
5ATM Waterproof | All-Day Heart Rate Monitor
50 Meters Super Waterproof
Uwatch GT supports the industry-leading 5ATM level waterproof, and has the same super waterproof ability as the traditional high-end watches. It can not only be used when swimming, but also record various data.
  • 5ATM
    waterproof level
  • 50 Meters
    super waterproof
All-New Aesthetic Design and Process
Uwatch GT adopts a new aesthetic dual crown design, combining the sports and business style. The watch comes with 2 physical buttons, to retain the classic watch elements and make it easier to operate in sports.
Uwatch GT features a 47mm metal watch face with a 1.3-inch circular TFT color screen. The high quality tempered glass makes it anti-scratch, durable and resistant to water and dust.
  • 47mm classic case size
  • 1.3-inch TFT circular display
Paired with a dedicated Decathlon sports TPU strap, Uwatch GT is completely comfortable and stylish to wear.
Bluetooth 5.0
Faster And More Stable
Increased data transfer efficiency by 100%
Decreased power consumption by 40%
10-15 days Daily Use, Long Battery Life
Powered by the advanced low-power chipsets with optimized power management, Uwatch GT provides 10-15 days long battery life and lets you get rid of the battery life anxiety.
  • 10-15 Days Daily Use
Note: Battery life may vary depending on usage.
12 Sport Modes, Help You Train Better
Uwatch GT supports 12 sports modes data monitoring, which can provide you with comprehensive data guidance for you to shape the perfect body. And it supports Google Fit data synchronization upload, making third-party health apps more convenient to collect your sports data.
More Advanced All-Day Heart Rate Monitoring
The Uwatch GT is equipped with the advanced HX3600 optical sensor, which is more accurate than ordinary sensors. It can not only perform 24-hour uninterrupted high-precision heart rate detection, but also provide vibration alerts on heart rate much too high while exercising, making life and exercise more scientific and healthy.
  • HX3600 optical sensor
  • 24-hour detection
  • Heart rate alarm
  • Sleep detection
  • Calorie detection
  • Step detection
Multiple Notification Function, Don't Miss Important Information
UMIDIGI Uwatch GT supports many notification functions to make your life more convenient, such as notifications from SMS, email, newsletter information, weather and more. In addition, The watch supports enhanced hand-lit and hands-free features, making it easier to view time and other information.
Various Watch Faces to Switch, Choose What You Want
Uwatch GT supports a variety of watch faces, giving you a different experience each time.
Requires iOS9.0 or later
Requires Android 4.4 or later
  • Matte Black
  • Midnight Green