Rugged up to Challenge
IP68, IP69K & MIL-STD-810G
11" 2K Eye-Care Large Display
Glove Mode & Protective Case
8+8GB Extended RAM, 128GB ROM
10000mAh Long-Lasting Battery
20W Fast Charging | Hotkey
IP68, IP69K & MIL-STD-810G
Waterproof, Dustproof & Drop-proof
11" 2K Eye-Care
Large Display
8+8GB Extended RAM,
128GB ROM,1TB TF Expansion
10000mAh Long-Lasting Battery
20W Fast Charging
Stereo Quad Speakers
Pre-installed Office Software
AI Face Unlock
Headset-free FM Radio
Glove Mode & Protective Case
16MP Rear Camera
16MP Front Camera
Strong Enough for Tough Environments
Designed to be Sturdy and Reliable
Crafted with a blend of Polycarbonate, Glass Fiber, tempered glass and three-proofing process, the UMIDIGI Active T1 ensures a strong and trustworthy build. It also holds the certifications of IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810G¹, denoting its robustness. This rugged 11-inch tablet is designed to resist water and dust, withstanding drops from heights of up to 1.5m². Moreover, the linear design on the back panel of the tablet adds a cool, fashionable flair, encapsulating a feeling of fluidity and contemporary style.
7H³ High-Strength Tempered Glass
  • The Active T1 features 7H³ high-strength tempered glass that is 1mm thick, making it sufficiently robust to effectively resist impact.
  • Improved Scratch-Performance
  • 11" 2K Huge Screen, Bigger Perspective
    The UMIDIGI Active T1 comes with a large 11" 2K display, boasting a resolution of 2000x1200 pixels. The screen's 5:3 aspect ratio provides a comfortable viewing experience, ensuring that content is displayed with clarity and precision. With a peak brightness of 350nits, the display delivers vibrant and vivid visuals, even in bright lighting conditions.⁴ One notable feature of the UMIDIGI Active T1 is its blue light protection, which is specifically designed to prioritize the well-being of your eyes.
    Works Seamlessly with Gloves
    No need to take off the gloves. You can keep your gloves on as you get things done. This feature allows users in various industries,such as healthcare, manufacturing, or outdoor work, to continue using the tablet without any hindrance or inconvenience.
    Maximum Storage, Maximum Performance
    The UMIDIGI Active T1 provides an exceptional user experience with its 8 + 8GB extended RAM, 128GB memory setup and 1TB external storage. This tablet shines in warehousing environments for the warehousing industry necessitates the swift and effective handling of substantial volumes of outgoing and incoming data.⁵
    Bigger Battery Life and Fast Charging
    Work as long as you need to, wherever work takes you. The UMIDIGI Active T1 is designed with a huge capacity battery, up to 10000mAh super battery life. In addition, the 20W fast charging makes it recharged in a short time.⁶
    Get Ready for an Acoustic Feast
    Loud Sound, Low Noise
    The UMIDIGI Active T1 features four separate speakers that provide a wider, more detailed, and more realistic audio experience. Even at high volumes, the speakers produce loud and clear sound, making it perfect for users working in noisy environments or outdoors.
    16MP Rear and Front Camera
    The UMIDIGI Active T1 features a trio of potent cameras: a 16MP main rear camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera (120-degree field of view), and a 16MP front camera. The camera setup excels in scanning, and producing crisp images, ideal for video calls and online teaching.
    One Step, More Convenient Powerful Hotkey
    • Flashlight
    • Emergency Call
    • Screenshot
    • Sound Recording
    • Other Apps
    AI Face Unlock
    The UMIDIGI Active T1 is equipped with AI Face Unlock, which is both more secure and convenient, improving work efficiency.
    Headset-free FM Radio
    Not just an entertainment tool, but also a lifeline during emergencies. It can stay connected and informed even without network data or mobile signals.
    WPS Set, Office Essentials
    Join Zoom with One Click
    The Active T1 seamlessly connects to Zoom meetings with a single click, effortlessly empowering individuals to connect with colleagues, participate in discussions, and share ideas more effectively.
    WPS Set Office Essentials
    With a preinstalled WPS Office set, the UMIDIGI Active T1 handles documents, spreadsheets, and presentations all at one place for significantly improved working and study efficiency.
    Enhanced Protective Case and Stylus
    The enhanced protective case can protect the Active T1. And the stylus can improve your experience of sketching, taking notes, or navigating through applications. In addition, a slot on the side of the protective case is specifically designed to hold the stylus for easy storage.
    Ejector-Free Card Slot
    With the ejector-free card slot, you can easily take out your card without using any special tools. It's designed to be simple and convenient, making the process hassle-free for you.
    Providing Professional Solutions for Various Industries
    1. UMIDIGI Active T1 features an IP rating of 68. IP68 device is water resistant to up to 1.5 meters of fresh water submersion and dust-tight to withstand dust, dirt and sand. Not advised for beach or pool use. Clean residue/dry after wet. Subject to proper use of the product. MIL-STD-810G is a standardized form of testing designed by the US Military to accurately assess device limitations.
    2. Drop test results are based on internal UMIDIGI laboratory tests.
    3. The data comes from the UMIDIGI lab.
    4. The extended 8GB memory is virtual memory and is realized by software. It is different from actual storage space. Supports memory expansion of up to 1TB. Memory card needs to be purchased separately. Actual available memory is less due to the storage of the operating system and pre-installed apps.
    5. The data shown is from the results of the UMIDIGI laboratory. Actual battery, charging speed and duration are subject to actual usage and may vary depending on environmental and other factors.