Play Smart, Learn Smarter
10.1-inch Full View Display | 8MP Rear&Front Camera | Superb Dual Stereo Speakers
4GB+4GB Extended RAM, 64GB ROM | 6000mAh Long-Lasting Battery | The Latest Android 13
Quick Access To WiFi 6 | Theme Tailored APP For Kids
Easy-to-use Parental Control | Sturdy Eco-friendly EVA Protective Case
Support Multiple Languages
Designed For Discoveries
10.1-inch Display
8MP High-clarity Rear Camera
Dual Stereo Speakers
4GB+4GB Extended RAM 64GB ROM
1TB TF Expansion
Long-Lasting Battery
Android 13
Split Screen Function
Sturdy Eco-friendly EVA Protective Case
Ready For “ Oops” Moments
WiFi 6
Fast To Play
Theme APP
Parental Control
Perfect Partner For Kids
10.1-inch High Resolution Display
Refresh Your Visual World
Discover an immersive viewing experience with the UMIDIGI G1 Tab Kids. With a 10.1-inch high resolution display, kids are able to watch movies, play games, and read books with sharp and vibrant images and videos.
  • Size
  • Resolution
  • Screen-to-Body Ratio
  • Aspect Ratio
*By using specific technology which optimizes the light source, the UMIDIGI G1 Tab Kids is able to effectively reduce harmful blue light without causing any color deviation.
Catch Life’s Moment
Do You Want to Seize Every Wonder?
The UMIDIGI G1 Tab Kids comes with ultra clear cameras, making it easy to take clear photos, and videos of every moment in your kids’ life.
8MP Rear Camera
8MP Front Camera
Superb Dual Stereo Speakers
As If in a Live Concert
The UMIDIGI G1 Tab Kids takes your child's audio experience to the next level with its dual stereo speakers. These speakers not only provide exceptional sound quality but also offer an immersive audio experience that will captivate your child's attention for hours. Whether they are listening to music, watching their favorite shows, or playing games, the speakers deliver crystal-clear sounds that make every moment more enjoyable.
Unmatched Speed and Precision
Smoother and Faster
With a powerful CPU processor, kids will be able to multitask seamlessly, run resource-intensive applications without any lag, and experience faster load times for their favorite apps and games.
The Mega Capacity for Mega Fun
Enough Room For Everything
No need to worry about running out of space - the UMIDIGI G1 Tab Kids’ large capacity ensures you'll always have room for thousands of books, audible books, movies, TV shows, songs, apps, and games.
  • 4GB+4GB RAM
  • 64GB ROM
  • 1TB TF Expansion
Have Fun All Day & Night
The long-lasting battery empowers your kids for extended adventures without any worry of interruptions.
  • Video (4.5 hrs)
  • Music (22 hrs)
  • Game (4.8 hrs)
  • Web (6.8 hrs)
  • Standby (540 hrs)
  • Video Calling (4 hrs)
*The data shown is from the results of the UMIDIGI laboratory. Actual duration and charging speed is subject to actual usage and may vary depending on environmental and other factors.
Android 13
Updated More Powerful and Smoother System
Let’s Go Faster !
  • Faster
  • Safer
  • Smoother
Powered with the updated Android 13, the UMIDIGI G1 Tab Kids can provide your kids with enhanced battery life, faster app loading time, better privacy controls.
Double the Windows
Double the Efficiency
The smart split-screen function creates dual windows simultaneously, allowing for easier multitasking and increased work efficiency.
Experience Lightning Fast WiFi 6
Connect in a Flash!
Experience faster loading time, seamless gameplay, and faster data transmission.
Theme Tailored APP for Kids
Funny, Educational, Creative
The UMIDIGI G1 Tab Kids comes with the Kids Park, which offers a wide range of kids-oriented content, including Montessori, STEM, arts, crafts, English, Math, games, and other learning materials. Additionally, you can download other apps such as Google Kids Space, Disney, PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, HOMER, Netflix, and Zoom to provide further opportunities for exploration and learning.
  • Fun to Learn
  • Fun to Count
  • Fun to Learn ABC
  • Fun to Develop Brain
  • Fun to Play
  • Fun to Draw
  • Fun to Enjoy TV Shows
  • Fun to Karaoke
  • Fun to Explore
Easy-to-use Parental Control
Easy-to-use parental control allows you to filter content based on child's age, set educational goals and screen time limits, and grant access to additional content. It supports multiple accounts. Every kid can have their own accounts and what they are playing can be distinguished. Moreover, in-app purchases require parent approval.
  • Password Protection
    Prevent children from exiting the Kids Protection Area.
  • Time Management
    Set the learning and break time to avoid addiction.
  • App Management
    Filter and select which apps children can use safely.
  • Tablet Uses Management
    View the statistical report of app user behavior.
  • Website Management
    Choose safe and healthy websites to brows .
  • Create More Kid Accounts
    Customize different proper content for every kid.
Multiple Languages Options
The UMIDIGI G1 Tab Kids supports multiple languages like English, Japanese, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and so on.
Sturdy Eco-friendly EVA Protective Case
Sturdy & Drop-resistant
The all-enclosed non-toxic eva protective case is made of rebound material and enhanced cushionings in all four corners. It can prevent the tablet from damage during falls and collisions, providing 360-degree protection for your kids’ tablets. Moreover, the back ring stand is easy to grip for little hands and offer stable support for the tablet. The back ring stand is versatile, allowing for adjustable viewing angles and 360-degree rotation.
Flexible Dropping
Made of Rebound Material and Enhanced Cushionings in all Four Corners.
Enhanced Protection
Extra Cushionings in all 4 Corners.
Versatile Sturdy Stand
Landscape/Portrait/Adjustable Viewing Angle
Versatile Handle For Kids
Designed for Stable Supporting and Durable Using
Great for Slippery Fingers to Grip/Hung up
  • 360°
  • 180°
Designed For Kids
  • Light Weight
  • Non-Toxic
  • Portection Enhanced
  • Tiny Hand Friendly
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