Fun Tablet, Playful Friend
10.1” HD Full View Display | Unisoc T606 Octa-Core Processor
4+4GB Extended RAM, 128GB ROM, 1TB TF Expansion
6000mAh Long-Lasting Battery
Sturdy Eco-Friendly EVA Protective Case
Designed For Discoveries
10.1-inch Display
13MP Rear Camera
8MP Front Camera
Dual Stereo
Extended RAM
1TB TF Expansion
Long-Lasting Battery
AndroidTM 13
Double Window
Double Fun
Sturdy Eco-friendly
EVA Protective Case
Ready For "Oops" Moments
Unisoc T606
Theme APP
Parental Control
AI Face Unlock
More secure
Trendy Designed Non-Toxic EVA Protective Case
Super Light , Super Sturdy
High-density EVA protective case fully resists big drop & scratch , rest assured to let your children play with the UMIDIGl G5 Tab Kids. Rebound material and enhanced cushionings in all four corners make it extra rugged. Versatile back ring stand offers stable support for tablets and easy hand grip. The back ring stand is versatile to adjust viewing angle which can 360-degree rotate.
Designed For Kids
  • Light Weight
  • Non-Toxic
  • Portection
  • Tiny Hand
10.1” HD Full View Display
The G5 Tab Kids’s 10.1” HD screen puts vivid colours on full display, and features 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. You can enjoy immersive entertainment with crystal-clear image quality from the playroom to the bedroom.¹
Your Eyes, We Care
G5 Tab Kids is featured with eye care mode, night mode, and brightness adjustment, which helps reduce eyestrain and provides a comfortable viewing experience.
Dual Speaker
Skip the cinema tickets and enjoy G5 Tab Kids’s crystal-clear surround sound pumping from dual speakers. Thanks to the dual speakers, you'll get the best stereo no matter how you hold it.
Super Large Room For Everything
Give your children the gift of endless entertainment with the UMIDIGI G5 Tab Kids. All your kids' favorite cartoons, photos, movies, and songs will be at their fingertips with 4+4GB of RAM, 128 GB of ROM.²
  • 4+4GB Extended RAM
  • 128GB ROM
  • 1TB TF Expansion
Power-Efficient Octa-Core
Smoother and Faster
The Unisoc T606 ³ octa-core processor features powerful performance. Kids will be able to multitask seamlessly, run resource-intensive applications without any lag, and experience faster load times for their favorite apps and games.
Catch Life’s Moment
Do You Want to Seize Every Wonder?
The UMIDIGI G5 Tab Kids comes with ultra clear cameras, making it easy to take clear photos, and videos of every moment in your kids’ life.
13MP Rear Camera
2MP Depth Camera
8MP Front Camera
Massive Battery,
Empower You All The Way
The 6000mAh battery provides abundant power to continue your fun all the day.⁴
  • Video (5.4hrs)
  • Music (18hrs)
  • Game (5.5hrs)
  • Web (7.5hrs)
  • Standby (540hrs)
  • Video Calling (33hrs)
A Creative
Wonderland for Kids
The UMIDIGI G5 Tab Kids with Kids Park- a world of fun and learning! With Montessori, STEM, arts, crafts, English, Math. and more, your kids will never stop exploring. And with extra apps like Google Kids Space, Disney, PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, and HOMER, the possibilities are endless.
Learning Time With Kids Park

Fun to Explore
One Step to Access Parental Control
Always Peace of Mind
Safeguard your children's digital experience with our easy-to-use parental control. Set age-based content filters, educational goals, and screen time limits. Multiple accounts are supported, so each child can have their own personalized experience. Plus, in-app purchases require parent approval for added security.
  • Password Protection
    Prevent children from exiting the Kids Protection Area.
  • App Management
    Filter and select which apps children can use safely.
  • Website Management
    Choose safe and healthy websites to browse.
  • Time Management
    Set the learning and break time to avoid addiction.
  • Tablet Uses Management
    View the statistical report of app user behavior.
  • Create More Kid Accounts
    Customize different proper content for every kid.
AI Face Unlock
With A Glance
AI Face Unlock make it effortless for kids to unlock the magic without any password!
Double Windows
Double Fun
Run two window on the same screen for more conveniency and more fun at the same time .
Updated More Powerful and Smoother System
Let’s Go Faster !
  • Faster
  • Safer
  • Smoother
Powered with the updated AndroidTM 13, the UMIDIGI G5 Tab Kids can provide your kids with enhanced battery life, faster app loading time, better privacy controls.
Unwrap a World of Wonder with
Our Exclusive Kid-Friendly Designs
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1. Measured diagonally, the screen size is 10.1” in the full rectangle. The actual display area is slightly smaller.
2. The extended 4GB memory is virtual memory and is realized by software. It is different from actual storage space. Supports memory expansion of up to 1TB. Memory card needs to be purchased separately. Actual available memory is less due to the storage of the operating system and pre-installed apps.
3. Data comes from UNISOC.
4. The data shown is from the results of the UMIDIGI laboratory. Actual duration and charging speed is subject to actual usage and may vary depending on environmental and other factors.