Ultra-Thin, Big Screen
UNISOC T765 5G Processor
7.9mm Slim
6.75” 90Hz Eye-Care Large Display
Most powerful 5G chipset in its class.
Most seamless experience in its class.
Most stand-out design in its class.
Smooth meets smoother.
Dual-Mode 5G
50MP Ultra-Clear
AI Camera
Angel’s Eyes
Big Bright Flash
Long-Lasting Battery
Ultra-Slim Design
6.75” 90Hz
Eye-Care Large Display
Express Key
One Tap, Infinite Possibilities
Extended RAM
Up to 128GB
5G 6nm Chipset
The velocity of 5G. The might of 6nm.
Pioneering 5G connectivity
Experience the ultimate 5G performance. With Smart 5G technology,
your network usage is intelligently tailored to match your tasks,
conserving power for lighter activities and delivering optimal signal strength for demanding tasks.
Pioneering 5G
Signal Advancement
Rely on a stable, dependable 5G connection. Our advanced 360° antenna structure design ensures a notably stronger signal than conventional antennas. Intelligent signal switching enhances call quality and internet connections, delivering a superior 5G experience.
Extended RAM
Storage ROM
With up to 6GB RAM built-in, and an additional 6GB of extended memory available, you get plenty of power for a smooth gaming experience. And with 128GB ROM, you get next-level peace of mind, allowing you to keep all your favorite photos, videos, and games right in your phone1.
Global Debut
Octa-Core Dual-Mode Powerhouse
Experience Blazing 5G Speeds
Featuring the UNISOC T765 chip, the 8-core architecture delivers powerful performance.
With a flagship 6nm process for lower power consumption, it also integrates advanced 5G mobile platform technology, providing users with an unprecedented enhanced audiovisual experience.
5G + 5G
Dual-SIM and Dual Standby
TSMC High-efficiency Process
Up to 2.3GHz
Octa-Core CPU
Vivimagic 6.0
Image Engine
Dual-Mode 5G
Support SA/NSA
Smart 5G
Smartly switching between 4G and 5G
48-month Fluency
The UMIDIGI G9 5G undergoes rigorous 48-month anti-aging smoothness tests in UMIDIGI labs to ensure smooth performance for up to four years of use. Its outstanding quality and enduring stable performance allow you to enjoy a long-lasting, fresh experience2.
Feather-Light Design
The body is light as a feather,
weighing as little as 189g,
delicately held in the palm as if grasping a light feather.
7.9mm Ultra-Slim Design
Measuring just 7.9mm thin and featuring a c-angle side design, this phone feels perfectly comfortable in your hand3.
Glacier Blue
Lake Green
Space Black
5000mAh Massive Battery
18W Fast Charging
The compact 7.9mm body houses a massive 5000mAh battery, comparable to a power bank. Indulge in your preferred entertainment, whether it's gaming, movies, or music, with ample power remaining at day's end. Plus, with 18W fast charging, you can swiftly replenish your energy whenever you need a rapid boost.
  • 47 hrs4
  • 40 hrs4
  • 14 hrs4
90Hz Eye-Care Display
Experience a more immersive and eye-friendly viewing experience. The large screen size, combined with low blue light technology, offers a premium video and gaming experience that protects your eyes during extended phone use, especially in low-light conditions.
Expansive Display
The display effectively filters out harmful blue light, relieves visual fatigue, and allows you to enjoy a comfortable eye-protection experience even during prolonged use of the phone.
50MP Ultra-Clear AI Camera
Capture epic shots with ease.
Small lens
Big Perspective
Capturing stunning scenes. It boasts 50 million pixels of high-definition picture quality, producing delicate and vivid colors while perfectly capturing the real world.
Dual Unlock
Unlock instantly with your face, and with just one fingerprint, ensuring double security.
Super Volume
Double the volume, double the joy.
Express Key
One Tap,
Infinite Possibilities:
Swift, Smart, Seamless
Multifunctional FM Radio
No need to plug in headphones as an antenna, just turn on and listen directly.
Built-in FM antenna
Support FM recording
Save exciting radio content anytime, without the need for internet connection. You can listen to the world's voices anytime, anywhere.
Outstanding Quality Enduring Durability
  • 20,000 Times5
    USB plug and unplug test
  • 1000 Times5
    25kg Soft pressure test
  • 75 Rounds5
    Roller test
  • 300,000 Times5
    Button press test
  • 14,000 Times5
    Micro-drop test
Android 14
Smooth and user-friendly, intelligence meets ingenuity.

1.The actual available memory space is less than this value due to system occupancy.

2.The phrase '48-month fluency' refers to the comprehensive optimization achieved through software, hardware, and other integrated technologies. The UMIDIGI G9 5G undergoes a 48-month anti-aging professional evaluation in UMIDIGI's laboratory testing environment. However, '48-month fluency' does not guarantee absolute absence of lag. Due to factors such as network environment and individual usage habits, actual experiences may vary.

3.The thickness data is based on testing conducted by UMIDIGI's laboratory, and actual thickness may vary slightly due to differences in testing environments or measurement methods.

4.The battery life data is sourced from UMIDIGI's laboratory testing reports. The testing conditions include screen brightness at 50%, music playback with headphone volume at 50%, video playback with speaker volume at 50%, and call volume at 50%. Actual usage may vary slightly due to differences in software versions, testing conditions, and environments. The actual usage duration prevails.

5.The quality testing data is sourced from UMIDIGI's laboratory. Actual results may vary due to differences in specific testing environments. Please refer to actual conditions for accuracy.

*Product images are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. The data mentioned on the page is sourced from UMIDIGI's design technical parameters, laboratory testing, and supplier data. Actual results may vary slightly due to differences in testing software versions, specific testing environments, and specific versions.